"...And Out Come The Wolves": Rancid At The Observatory

Ah, yes. It was the evening before the second weekend of "Urban Outfitters: The Musical". While you were calling every dealer you know and paying outrageous surge prices on molly as your girlfriend frantically searched for the Pocahontas headband that truly let her individuality shine, I was in Santa Ana to watch my boys in Rancid play to a sold-out crowd at the Observatory. I know what you're thinking: "But wait, asshole blogger guy, Rancid is playing Coachella, too. Why are you harshing my mellow?" Well, you're goddamned right they are. And you're goddamned right I'm happy as all fuck for them. It's the 20th anniversary of their indisputably classic platinum album "...And Out Come The Wolves", and they deserve a spot in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, let alone the stage at Coachella. But the thing is, I've been to Coachella. I've seen the hordes of E-Tards sitting cross-legged in front of "modern art" installations while DJ Dingleberry's latest electronic fart blares from the tent next door. I've seen the trustafarians who spent their allowance on "VIP" passes, and renting a roach motel at 17X the normal rate, uninterested in doing anything other than consuming the free water that said "VIP" pass guarantees until hologram 2Pac comes out. And, while I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Rancid will bring their proverbial A-Game to Coachella (They bring it everywhere), I would much rather see them at a packed-out 600 person venue full of people who paid their hard-earned money to see RANCID. There wasn't a single coke-witch hat in sight. That being said, here are some pictures, and about 30 minutes of footage, because it's Friday, and I love you. If you happen to be attending Brochella this weekend, do yourself a favor, and don't miss their set. 
Video Below:

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