3 Reasons Why You Should Always Carry a Pocket Comb

A pocket comb is exactly what it sounds like. It used to be commonplace for men to carry a comb in their shirt or jacket pockets in case they needed to do some emergency grooming. Unfortunately, the concept started to fall out of style, and many men that do carry combs grab a flimsy plastic one from their local drugstore. If you want to have a pocket comb, you should invest in a nice one. Here are three reasons why you should always carry a pocket comb with you.

1. Emergency Touch Ups

There may be times when you’re heading to an important meeting or just arrived for a date and realize that your hair got a little messed up on the way over. Having a pocket comb allows you to make some quick adjustments and fix it before you go in.

As an extra tip, avoid combing your hair in public places. Excuse yourself to a bathroom or other private area whenever possible. People in crowded areas may view you combing your hair as impolite.

2. Sense of Confidence

Taking pride in your appearance is always important. One of the main reasons why you should always carry a pocket comb is because it can give you a well-deserved feeling of confidence. Knowing you can fix your hairstyle if things go awry can allow you to hold your head up high and strut with a sense of pride.

3. Change of Style

There may be situations where you want to go from the office to an event but don’t have time to stop at home. Having a pocket comb allows you to sport a more casual style at a moment’s notice. Making some sudden changes to your hair on the go is beneficial when a situation may call for a more or less formal appearance.

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