Amigo The Devil Just Released His New EP, "Decompositions"

Here at Wolf's Head, we enjoy and appreciate good music, regardless of the genre. We listen to it all. From oldies to blues, from classic rock to hip hop, if it resonates with the soul, we play and support it. Which brings us to Danny Apostolos, AKA Amigo The Devil. Utilizing a classic Americana/Folk style, he has in the past simultaneously shocked and enamored his listeners with his dark subject matter. One listen to "Dahmer Does Hollywood", or view of the video for "The Recluse" will convince you if these words have not. He also recently did an extraordinarily haunting cover of Nirvana's "Something in The Way" in collaboration with Arizona band Godhunter. However, for all the doom and gloom in his lyrics, I have known Danny for over 10 years, both on a professional and personal basis. He is one of the kindest, most genuine, gentle souls I have come across in my 33 years of existence. It's almost as though by exploring the darkness of human nature through his music, it makes it easier for him to be the happy, stable, compassionate individual he clearly is to anyone who has the pleasure of knowing him. His new EP, "Decompositions" finds him straying from the dark subject matter that has defined his previous musical offerings. The first song, "Hell And You" is a love song to rival The Plain White T's smash 2006 hit "Delilah", minus the campiness some cheesedick A&R no doubt injected into the latter. Second up is "For A Few Good Men", a heartbreaking reverie of a tortured and lonely man saying his final goodbyes as he prepares to meet his maker. Finally, we are given the delightfully irreverent "One Kind of People", which showcases the one commonality that we all share as humans, regardless of race, color, or creed: We're all going to die. With its uptempo bounce and humorous lyrics laced with razor-sharp truth, Amigo reminds us that "There's one kind of people in this world - people who die". 

photo by Rick Rodney


We've embedded the EP so that you can listen to this musical genius for yourself on Spotify, but we here at Wolf's Head urge you to show your support through your wallet if you enjoy what you hear. Streaming royalties do next to nothing to help support independent artists who consistently sacrifice to bring you their craft. "Decompositions" can be purchased via the following outlets:



Physical copies of all of Amigo's releases, as well as merch and vinyl, can be purchased HERE.

Come in to the shop, and there's a good chance we'll be jamming "Decompositions" on any given day here at Wolf's Head Santa Barbara

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