Listen to Vince Staples 'Summertime '06' Before It Drops

We're big fans of Vince Staples here at Wolf's Head Santa Barbara. Growing up in an era where rap music had the entire country shocked and terrified, you could say that in these days of commodified gangster rap, manufactured images, and mass-marketed tough guy fantasies, it's refreshing when you hear a song this visceral coupled with a visual this stark and powerful: 

If the above didn't resonate with you on any level, we are forced to question whether you have a pulse. Vince spits with a ferocity, determination, and desperation that can only come from truly living the life that you rap about. Anyone who is tuned in has no choice but to believe him, because the feelings evoked are so much more guttural than cerebral: "This dude is telling the truth." No big-name A&R can manufacture that, no marketing budget, no matter how bottomless, can buy that. No amount of Co-Signs can make the people believe you (See: Troy Ave). This past Sunday, the fine folks at NPR were kind enough to give the world a first listen to Vince's remarkable debut album, 'Summertime '06', and we felt it only right to share it on here, in the hopes of it reaching a few folks who didn't get the memo over the weekend.As always, we here at Wolf's head strongly encourage you to BUY the music that you like. It takes a lot to make a quality album, and streaming sites don't pay shit. 

 (Edit: The NPR stream was taken down, so we threw the spotify one up. You still better buy this shit though.)

Don't be a buster. Buy 'Summertime '06' HERE. The album drops June 30th. 

- Josh

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