So the homie, Young De AKA Demrick, just dropped his #HeadsUp project this morning after touring all over the world the last few months. Consider this a late Christmas/early New Year’s Eve present! We're extra hyped for this project for a couple reasons: 1. Young De is the homie, 2.  We designed the album cover artwork, and 3. We will be releasing a limited edition collaboration T-Shirt for this project! We're currently taking pre-orders right now, but we'll give you more info on the drop shortly. For now, peep the tracklist and download the #HeadsUp mixtape here via On Smash.

01. Cake’n Up (De Gott’em) (Prod. by 21)
02. Money & Weed (feat. Brevi) (Prod. by DJ Fingaz, Bunson & Beaker Beats)
03. Go B!G (feat. Brevi) (Prod. by 21)
04. Liar Liar (feat. Brevi) (Prod. by The Dream Team)
05. Guilty (Interlude) (Prod. by Rikanatti)
06. Your The One (feat. Brevi) (Prod. by The Futuristiks)
07. In The Clouds (Prod. by Current)
08. BurnOut (Prod. by Jim Jonsin)
09. This World (Demo) (Prod. by FarHot)
10. Make It Happen (feat. Xzibit & Brevi) (Prod. by Current)
11. Can’t Always Rain (Prod. by 21)
12. Fight 4 Mine (Prod. by The Futuristiks)
13. Man On The Moon (feat. Xzibit) (Prod. by 21) (Bonus Track)
14. Back Again (feat. Xzibit) (Prod. by DJ Overtone) (Bonus Track)
15. Runway Walk (feat. Xzibit) (feat. Brevi) (Prod. by 21) (Bonus Track)
16. What It Is (feat. Xzibit) (Prod. by 21) (Bonus Track)
17. Find A Way Out (Prod. by 21) (Bonus Track)


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