Hardcore Legends Strife Release New EP, "Incision"

As has been previously stated on this blog, we here at Wolf's Head enjoy a variety of music, from hip-hop to hardcore, from punk rock to oldies. That being said, if you're more inclined to "easy listening", this probably isn't for you. However, if you you enjoy blistering SoCal Hardcore with riffs that'll have you making screwfaces, and vocals that tear your eardrums a new asshole, then read on. If you were a Hardcore Kid in the 90's, or are just well-versed in Core History, then you already know Strife. If you're unfamiliar, or in need of a refresher, hit that link. Strife was one of the biggest and most influential hardcore bands of the mid to late nineties, inspiring countless acts who have come after them, and pushing the envelope in terms of the level of success a band from such an underground genre could attain, having toured with metal gods Sepultura for their "Roots Tour" in 1996. Safe to say that if your favorite hardcore band wasn't Strife in '96, they weren't on tour with anyone half as big. After an 11 year hiatus, during which time Strife's members successfully pursued various endeavors, they returned with 2012's superb full length, "Witness A Rebirth." Even Strife's most skeptical fan's expectations for their first studio release in 11 years were exceeded, and the band has been sporadically touring both nationally and internationally in the 3 years since "Witness A Rebirth" was released. Now, with newly formed label War Records (Which was started by guitarist Andrew Kline) behind them, Strife has unleashed their latest offering, a four song onslaught of an EP aptly titled "Incision." Drum duties are handled by ex-Sepultura member Iggor Cavalera, and the EP was superbly produced by Nick Jett, of Terror fame. Guests include Human Furnace, vocalist for Ohio mainstays Ringworm, and Aaron Melnick, former member of another legendary Ohio hardcore band, Integrity. All of these components lead to 10 minutes of pure, unadulterated fury, with the last of the four tracks being an excellent cover of Black Flag's Classic "Police Story", particularly timely with the outrage taking place in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, and all across America in regards to police brutality. This EP is a great follow up to "Witness A Rebirth," and we can't wait to see what Strife and War Records have in store for us down the road!

As always, we encourage you to support bands and artists by BUYING their wares, so head over to War Records to purchase your copy of "Incision" on vinyl, cassette, or CD. You can purchase the EP on iTunes Here.



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