A Brief Guide to Proper Barbershop Etiquette

You must consider certain social norms, whether you schedule an appointment with your regular hair stylist or you’re walking into a brand-new barbershop for the first time. Getting a haircut is a professional treatment, and following the rules and guidelines can make it a more pleasant experience for everybody involved. Here’s a brief guide to proper barbershop etiquette and how you can have a more enjoyable trim.

1. Show Up on Time

Punctuality is key if you book an appointment with the barber. Not only is arriving on time always appreciated, but showing up late can throw off your barber’s schedule for the rest of the day. Show your stylist that you value their time by showing up when you’re supposed to.

2. Clean Up Before You Arrive

Most people go into a haircut knowing that they’ll need to rinse off the trimmings later, but it may be a good idea to shower and wash up before your haircut. Your barber will appreciate you having clean hair when you sit down in the chair, and it’s also much easier to cut, making it more likely you’ll get what you want.

3. Know What You Want

Barbers are not mind readers, so part of the brief guide to proper barbershop etiquette is knowing what you want them to do before you arrive. Are you just getting a trim or cutting off a lot more? Is there a specific style you want? Do they need to thin anything out? It’s okay if you don’t know every detail, but we suggest having something to give your stylist so they have an idea of where to start.

4. Make Small Talk

Some people struggle with making small talk, and that’s okay. However, a few words of appreciation or interest can go a long way. Barbers love to converse with their clients, so commenting on the weather or the song on the radio can help get the ball rolling. However, when making small talk, you may want to avoid nodding or other involuntary head movements because that can make things harder for your barber.

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