Combs vs. Hairbrushes for Men: Is There a Difference?

Many men don’t have the best hair-care products and accessories by their bathroom sink. You may find a thin black plastic comb in the top drawer or in the medicine cabinet, but men’s hair care takes a lot more work than that. If you’ve ever wondered if there is a difference between combs and hairbrushes for men, we’re here to explain their functions and why you should ideally have both ready to go.

Purpose of Combs

You can find combs in a range of colors, styles, sizes, and materials, but they all serve a similar purpose. Combs are excellent for performing touch-ups, helping to guide your hair toward a certain style, and the teeth are great for detangling hair and straightening it out. In addition, wide-tooth combs are helpful when your hair is wet and you want to gently straighten or move it in a certain direction.

Purpose of Hairbrushes

When it comes to combs versus hairbrushes for men, there is a difference, and it’s most noticeable once you start using a hairbrush for yourself. Hairbrushes glide through hair and get down to the scalp, which may make them a beneficial choice for those with dryer hair. Hairbrushes are beneficial for dry hair, and the bristles can distribute product slowly and evenly throughout your hair as you brush. Using a brush on your hair keeps it in good condition and may increase volume and luster.

Which Is Better: Combs or Brushes?

Because combs and brushes both serve different purposes and are better depending on whether your hair is wet or dry, it’s beneficial to keep both by your bathroom sink. Keeping a couple of different styles and shapes of combs and brushes allows you to take better care of your hair, maintain thickness and healthiness, and keep you looking good.

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