Josh The Goon 4 Ever

Last Week we lost a member of the Wolf's Head team and more importantly a brother, a friend, a family member and the most caring person a lot of us have ever met. As we grieve this tragic loss we want to share a few words from Josh's parents below:


From Josh’s Mother 

To all of Josh’s friends, co-workers, admirers and fans, 

        I want to thank you for your tributes and expressions of love and admiration for Josh.  It means so much to us knowing that he had such a circle of people close to his heart, his ideals, and his music.  His family, mother, father and stepfather, feel the need to have a small, private memorial for Josh to help us grieve and say good-bye to him. Please know that all of you are in our hearts and thoughts. 

        We hope that you will create your own memorial(s) for Josh to help you heal and celebrate him. We are in touch with Sam Kingston. He will keep us aware of your celebrations and bring news of your events.

        Please remember that we feel deeply blessed that you gave Josh such friendship and appreciation.  It enriched his life and fed his profound wish to help and protect other people.  Please enjoy your celebrations, as Josh would want you to.

        One final note from Josh’s Mother: As you must know, my heart is broken. Josh died from an enlarged heart. His past drug use contributed to his heart disease. I need to say, please take care of yourselves with love and respect. If you use drugs, learn and commit to only using safely. See a doctor regularly. None of us want to lose more precious people needlessly.


From Josh’s father:

To All Josh’s Friends and Supporters, 

Many of you who knew Josh deeply respected and loved him.  On the surface, your respective cultural worlds and that of his family might appear divergent.  That would be unfair.  From his very early years onward Josh’s parents raised him on books, stories and especially music about social justice, civil rights and compassion for all people, rich, poor and in-between, but especially those socially and economically oppressed.  Later in his life, these values found expression in circumstances demanding the immediate protection of others.

He was blessed early on with the gifts of good health, high intelligence and creativity.  He put these to good use in his life-long passion for music.  Most of you already know this well.  As a digital native during his last year he took-on a steep learning curve to redirect his talents to building web sites professionally for clients.  His passion, skill and knowledge in commercially creating useful digital spaces was continuing to successfully gain momentum before his life was tragically cut short.

His loss devastated our family.  Coping will be life-long.  His immediate family will soon hold a small memorial service to honor Josh and celebrate him.  

Now it’s time for all of you to do the same, in ways of your choosing, with our blessing.  We are humbled by your outpouring of sympathy and admiration for Josh. We know he cared about you.  Although it’s too early to say now, something may evolve in the near future for you to further celebrate Josh’s life.

With appreciation,

Josh’s Dad


If you would like to send your condolences to Josh's parents you can reach them directly at 

We are in the process of planning a public memorial service in Josh's honor. It will be held on Sunday July 9th. We are finalizing the details and will release more information shortly. Please be patient as we narrow down a venue that can accommodate everybody. 

Below is a link to the Memorial T-Shirt that will be for sale. All proceeds will go directly to the Memorial service. Any remaining funds will be donated to a charity chosen by Josh's family. 

Memorial T-Shirt: We are no longer selling the Goon Life Memorial shirt. Thank you to all who supported. Goon Forever

Updated on 1/7/18

If you have any questions or concerns please send them to and we can help you out to the best of our ability.


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