Top 5 Popular Men’s Hairstyle Trends in 2023

Are you looking for better ways to style your hair? A haircut can be complex or simple, but either way, it can make your personality shine. Check out our list of the top popular men’s hairstyle trends in 2023 to find a new style today.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts keep ranking as a popular men’s hair trend because of their simplicity. A buzz cut brings the hair down short but not enough to be totally bald. With a buzz cut, you still have some hair you can style up for a nice texture.

Thankfully, although you get that nice texture, the maintenance is low with buzz cuts. If you want to keep your hair clean-cut without chopping it all off, then check out pictures of buzz cuts to see the stylish opportunities available.


A mohawk may seem extreme for some, but this style is surprisingly versatile. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see a mohawk paired with a fade to provide a modern texture to the look. With this option, you can lean less into the punk rock mohawk and more into the eye-catching contrast between the fade and the top layer. However, if you do want to go full punk rock with the mohawk, then let your creativity and style run wild. 


Another top popular men’s hairstyle trend in 2023 to check out is the modern quiff. When looking at this style or any other, consider what you want your hair to say about you. This haircut is perfect if you want a look that is upscale enough to take out in public but still messy enough to convey a casual look. Is that the balance you’re looking for? Messy is not always a good thing, but a quiff cut creates a unique texture that really pops. Including a fade with a quiff adds a little extra interest underneath the wavy front.


Whether you wear it short, long, or somewhere in between, an afro is a great go-to style for anyone looking for something new. The reason that an afro is worth trying is that it is a natural, self-expressive style. Sometimes, a more natural hairstyle is the right way to show off your unique sense of creativity.


Another nice mix of formal and casual is the swept-back look. Guys with long hair can sweep it back to create a layered appearance to their hair with a casual touch that makes it feel effortless.

This distinct haircut pulls back the hair to highlight the facial features. Haircuts are both functional and fashionable, so how you choose to wear your hair is entirely up to you. Visit Wolf’s Head for men’s haircuts in Santa Barbara to talk about your ideal cut.

Top 3 Popular Men’s Hairstyle Trends in 2023

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