Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

For Him 

Ace Rivington Denim Services and Goods

Ace Rivington Denim Tailoring Services

Ace Rivington Denim Tailoring Services Sewing MSching

Ace Irvington Denim tailoring services

Ace rivington denim tailoring servicesQuickly becoming our favorite shop in SB (we send everyone here). We recommend the Athletic Taper, it’s tapered at the knee with room for the thighs. They do come in a 37” inseam but not to worry because they offer in-house denim alterations (which comes included with the purchase of a pair of Ace Rivington denim) while you build a belt to match. So many good finds!

Ace riving ton Santa Barbara denim tailoring services

Ace Rivington Belt making station

Ace rivington denim tailoring services
1114 State Street #25 Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 881-2999

Price Range: $168 - $200

. . . . 

Richer Poorer Gift Box Set and Men's Grooming

Richer Poorer Gift Box Set and Men's Grooming

It’s time to throw out those old gym socks, comb your hair and look sharp! Every man needs a great pair of socks and some good old fashioned grooming. The Richer Poorer Gift set makes it so easy to look stylish and comfortable! Truly some socks that you can dress up or down, wear them to dinner with the folks or out with some buddies. Three different pairs come in each box. 

Price: Socks $34

Pomade $20

Lotion $24

Beard Treatment $28

Combs $24

. . . . 

Wolf’s Head Barbering Services

Wolf's Head Barbershop Barbering Services - Straight razor Shave

Nothing beats a haircut, a hot towel shave, and a beer. This is the male equivalent to going to the spa. Wolf’s Head provides a more private one to one barber experience. Conveniently located in Downtown Santa Barbara. Call in to schedule an appointment or walk in for a Gift Certificate.

Wolfs head barbershop barbering services haircut

Wolf's Head Annex 
27 1/2 E. Victoria St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 845-0685
Price Range: Haircuts $30 | Shaves $35 | Beard Trim $15

. . . . .

Wolf's Head Leather Goods

These are made here locally (Santa Barbara) using waxed Cognac tan leather and brass hardware. Not only do they look good but they are actually a useful part of a man's essentials nowadays. The more you wear them the better they look! These are available online or in-store at Wolf's Head Annex

Wolf's Head Leather Goods

 Price: $45 -$98


For Her


Whiskey & Leather

Whiskey And Leather Montecito

Whiskey and Leather MontecitoYou’re sure to find lots of amazing clothes here like the Poppy Mini Dress or the Velvet Heart Blazer or awesome ornate shooters! Super happy to see our Good friends from Crossbow Leather finding an awesome home for their bags as well!Whiskey and Leather Montecito

Whiskey and Leather montecito
Whiskey and Leather Montecito
Whiskey and leather montecito
1101 Coast Village Rd, Suite A Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Phone: (805) 770-5155

Price Range: $50 - $225

. . . . 

Plum Goods

Plum Goods Santa Barbara

Plum Goods Santa Barbara

Plum Goods Santa Barbara

This is where you get a V-day card, earrings, and this super cool Rose Crystal Bottle opener. Plum Goods is located in Downtown Santa Barbara and filled will all kinds of eco friendly goods like candles, art, sandals, books, and the list goes on. If you are having trouble stop here, you’ll find something. Did I mention they have been voted "Best Gift Store" 5 years in a row?

Plum Goods Santa Barbara

Plum Goods Santa Barbara

Plum Goods Santa Barbara

Plum Goods

909 State St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Phone: (805) 845-3900

 Price Range: $25 - $100



idle wild floral santa barbar

Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not forget the flowers! And don’t buy them at Vons either. Here’s what you do, below is our favorite local florist and their phone number. Call them and place an order, pay over the phone, and pick them up or have them delivered on the day of. 

Phone: (805) 234-6145
Price Range: $34 - $265

idle wild floral santa barbara

Now that you have your shopping covered, we laid out a few fun Valentine’s Day activities. After all V-day is all about spending time together. So if you haven’t planned anything yet, not to worry we will get you out of the trenches and into friendly territory in no time.

- Wolf’s Head

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