What To Tell Your Barber for the Perfect Men's Haircut

Have you ever struggled to articulate what to tell your barber when you’re looking for the perfect men's haircut? Playing a game of hair charades can leave both you and your barber frustrated. To avoid miscommunication and ensure you leave the barbershop satisfied, try these tips the next time you're seeking your ideal hairstyle.

Know Your Hair Type and Face Shape

Before trying out a new haircut, it's essential to understand what works best for your specific hair type and face shape. For instance, if you have thick, wavy hair, some hairstyles may not work as well as they would on someone with straight hair. Similarly, a haircut that complements an oval face may not suit someone with a square face.

Spend some time researching what options work best for your unique features. This will help guide your conversation with the barber, and they'll appreciate the effort you've put in.

Come Prepared With Visual Examples

One person's idea of a “short back and sides” might differ from another's. To avoid ambiguity, bring a few photos or save images on your phone to show your barber. This will give them a clear reference point and help prevent any future hair-related frustrations.

Remember to be realistic about what you're asking for—your barber isn't a magician. If the hairstyle in the photo relies on thick, luscious locks and you have fine, thin hair, it might not be achievable.

Speak the Barber Lingo

It always helps to use the right terminology when discussing what to tell your barber for the perfect men's haircut. A brief lesson in barber lingo will go a long way in helping you articulate your desired look:

Taper: Gradual reduction of hair length. This could range from a subtle taper to a skin fade.

Fringe: Hair that extends over your forehead.

Layering: Creating different lengths in the hair to achieve volume or texture.

Thinning: Removing bulk or weight from the hair.

These terms will help you have a clear, concise conversation with your barber, ensuring you get the ideal haircut.

Be Open to Your Barber's Recommendations

While it's essential to communicate your desired hairstyle, don't forget that barbers are professionals with a wealth of expertise. Be open to their recommendations and consider their input before finalizing a haircut. They might provide helpful insights based on their experience, which you might not have considered.

Maintain an open dialogue with your barber and find a balance between your preferences and their feedback. This will ensure you walk out of the barbershop with a haircut you're thrilled with.

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