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Strongarm Barbeque Subitism Sauce
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Strong Arm BBQ

Strongarm Barbeque Subitism Sauce

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Welcome to the first sauce release from Strongarm Barbeque.  This sauce was three years in development and went through numerous variations until SA knew that they had what they were looking for. 

Subitism means sudden enlightenment.  It can be best explained with the example of throwing dice.  When you roll a 4, you don't need to count 1...2...3...4, you already know that it is 4.  It is automatic.  Once you have tried this sauce you will immediately realize how unique it is and thus the idea of subitism is in action.

The flavor is first sweet then hot and hopefully you will feel what I felt when the song was finished.

Subitism Sauce is produced with all-natural ingredients and bottled in Southern California.


SA does not use any thickening agents so settling and separation is completely normal.   Please shake well before use.  Once opened, please refrigerate and that sauce will stay for a long long time.